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  1. Margaret McKitty says:

    Before we started you mentioned throwing tobacco into your fire. I went to my cabinet where I keep candles as you spoke and . I easily found a candle my grandson Benjamin (12 years old)  gave me last year . Honey Tobacco. Soy candle in a little covered can.  I lit it next to me as we started our triad.

    Saw powerful bolts of lightning at each of the energy balls above the Capitol, the White House, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument as we meditated .

    I felt love spreading from us out over Washington DC and heard the words. PATIENCE AND LOVE.

    Have more within yourselves even when you think there is not enough in you at any given moment realize you are charging it up.

    The spheres of lightning remind you that everything is energy. It is not just invisible but audible tangible and visual. Imagine that energy coming to DC and then speading to Standing Rock through Gaia out to all people. See the connection. The triangle on the US dollar is a reminder of the aspects of energy just described visible tangible audible. When you hear impatience or fear transn
    mute it in the moment it is occuring. 

    Fear is what is the root of the current world problem. Fear of failing. Feat of scarcity. Fear of loosing control.

    People are impatient unwilling to connect to their own fear to own it understand it.

    I saw white light and Archangel Gabriel holding the bolts of lightning 

    There are four of them just as there are the four directions.

    I stood at Beaghmore Circle a 4000 year old Stone Circle in County Tyrone Ireland 20 miles from my grandfather’s town.

    I brought my healing stones there in late June and placed them on all the stone circles. I felt the energy of Beaghmore tonight. In Irish g is silent with h..so the pronunciation is..Be More. My message from Gaia is just that Be More ..of myself. Be more patient. Be more loving Be more fearless. Be more connected tangibly to the earth to one another. Be more outspoken coming from a place of love not judgment just when I feel I want to scream idiots what are you doing?”

    That fear of my own is counterproductive to what I envisioned tonigbt.

    I saw mo colors other than a dark sky in DC broken by white lightning 

    In Standing Rock I saw teachers whose patience is amazing. Standing not tired. I felt their frustration being counterbalanced by the love of their Earth Mother. Guardians of the world carring dna from all four corners of the earth.

    My body feels light. Soaring. The headache I had is gone. A peace has settled over me. 


  2. Margaret Mckitty says:

    September, 2016 at 10:58 pm
    Looking forward to restarting the grouo on Sept 7th 2016. Have been thinking of everyone hoping our energies could join together in healing.

  3. Peggy M says:

    Grateful for the opportunity tonight, March 8, to join together for the eclipse as well as to send much needed energy to Fukishima.

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